What is CryptoLux?

CryptoLux is a financial payment self-standing network, specifically created for the independent users, offering fast and secure transactions. CryptoLux offers a unique decentralized, self-regulated and blockchain based cryptocurrency.

The system enables a full payment system based on anonymous and transparent transactions without any transaction fees. CryptoLux supply is limited to 42 million coins, protecting and enhancing the Initial Coin Offering investments (a total of 7 million coins), by following our well-structured Road Map.

Our financial payment network is highly-secure and safe, being impossible to hack or fake, due to the Blockchain based technology. CryptoLux is using the CLX currency symbol and it revolutionizes the industry through a great vision of stability, professional and financial freedom.

Investment and earning opportunities

CryptoLux offers its stakeholders a wide-variety of integrated features and opportunities, designed especially to round-up their investments. We like to keep it simple, yet efficient, so together we can grow and go further our initial resolution.

  • CLX Trading

    CLX Trading

    Gain profit by buying and selling of CLX coins

  • Crypto Trading

    Crypto Trading

    Up to 45% return each month on your Cryptocurrency investment

  • Stake


    Earn interest on holding

  • Affiliate


    Earn bonus and commission from referrals

  • Cold Storage

    Cold Storage

    Earn daily interest on CryptoLux storage

  • Gambling


    Round-up your profits with our gamble portal

Why CryptoLux?


CLX is a proof-of-stake coin, meaning that it gives owners the right to certify the blockchain transactions and earn interest on their stake, leading to even more profit. Be part of it by getting your share of the 7 million CLX coins issued during the ICO sale.

Light Fast

Being a state-of-the-art blockchain based coin, CLX can be sent from A to B within seconds, making sure your funds are available as soon as the transaction gets confirmed by the network.

Transaction Fees

CryptoLux transfers require a very small transaction fee, paid by the sender and waged by individuals who are backing-up the network by certifying the pending transactions


The coin database is not controlled or affiliated with any group or party and it is completely open to the wide public. As a CryptoLux investor, you will have a direct connection only with the blockchain, being independent of any third-parties or influence factors.

Get the benefits of


Getting your CryptoLux Debit Card is easy and rewarding:
it can be purchased directly from your personal account by using a small part of your CLX funds (equivalent of only $15).
Once received, you can use as much as $10,000 daily and withdraw up to $3,000 from all major ATM networks worldwide.Do the shopping with your CLX Debit Card and we will reward you with 0.2% of the purchase value in CLX.
Simple to use and rewarding. Apply now!

Access 24/7

Mobile Device

We love flexibility! CryptoLux comes with a secure and private, fully-functional mobile device app, offering a digital-payment solution right in your pocket. All the core features of the main platform are implemented and optimized for mobile use in an intuitive and efficient way.

Soon available on

App StoreApp Store Google Play StoreGoogle Play
iPhone X

Referral Challenge

The 3 best referrals
with the most firstline sales in this time, will get free CryptoLux (CLX). The winners will be rewarded at start of PRE-ICO.
Sign up to participate for the referral challenge and win up to 5000 CLX!
The winners will be rewarded at the end of the ICO

Place Place 1 = 5000 CLX
Place Place 2 = 2500 CLX
Place Place 3 = 1000 CLX
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5 Simple Steps

How to Use CryptoLux

CryptoLux is a cryptocurrency that enables low cost international transactions via the Internet. No middlemen are involved, no third party, no bank, no financial institution! Payments are sent straight to the recipient via its own wallet. Transaction fees are insanely low, and the whole process is as easy as sending an ordinary email. The technology is fast and convenient for everyone.

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