Frequently Asked Questions

What are the investment opportunities?

CryptoLux brings a whole set of exciting investment opportunities like a daily percentage profit (%) of your investment. As an investor you will also earn interest on staking your coins, by Cold Storage and trading CLX as well as rounding up your funds through our exciting games. You will also have the opportunity of becoming a CryptoLux referral and earning nice bonuses from your referrals.

How to invest in Crypto Trading?
The CryptoLux team is ready to configure everything for you, in order to obtain a precise daily profit, based on your initial investment. The profit rate is around 50% and the investment package ends when 150% has been reached. To opt-in for our crypto-trading service, you just need to complete the following steps: 1. Make a Deposit on CryptoLux, directly from your account. 2. Put your amount which you want to invest in text field inside the "Enter amount:" box and have a preview of your daily profits (as shown above the text box) 3. When you are happy about the amount you want to apply with, simply click on “Invest”
How can I participate on CryptoLux?

Registering with CryptoLux is simple: you just need to go to the Registration section of the website and follow the instructions there.
How can I deposit?

Transfer the cryptocurrency of your choice on the „Deposit“ page. Your deposit will be displayed under Transaction History, after the transaction is received by the system. After full confirmation of the blockchain network, the amount will appear in your wallet.
How can I withdraw?

Everyday you can submit a cash-out on the „Withdraw“ page, being processed to your wallet within minutes.
What is minimum deposit and withdraw amounts?
Our minimum deposit is $10 without a maximum deposit limit. Our minimum withdraw limit is $10 for all cryptocurrency also, without a maximum limit.
How can I buy CLX?
Go to „ICO“ Page and put in the box the desired amount of USD that you wish to exchange, then simply click on “GET CLX”.
What is Pre - Register?
If the CLX limit is for one day sold, you can pre-register for next day. Your estimated USD amount shall be locked upon clicking PRE-REGISTER to ensure the quality of the CLX distribution process. PRE-REGISTER orders shall be treated as WAITING or QUEUING orders and shall be automatically matched by our system under first come-first serve basis.
What are POT and LOT?
We have POT, where everyone of you can take entry with your credits on your dollar wallet. The winner will be chosen on random basis from our system and the last winner will be displayed. The numbers can be changed, depending on the demand. One LOT costs $1 and you will be able to get a random win, but you can also loose. You can win up to 1000 CLX in one lot. There are also some effects on your referral rate. You can win up to +5% additional commission for a certain time, or other rewards. Sample lot wins: 

+2% commission for 7 days for every level.
 +0.50% bonus on daily interest for Cold Storage for 8 days.
 +0.30% bonus on daily interest for trading for 3 days. 
You won $20. 
You won 50 CLX. You won 5 LOTS.
How many accounts can I register?
You can only register one account under your name. Likewise, it is forbidden to run several accounts in one household. If our relevant departments are tracked that you have created more than one account, we will permanently lock your personal account.
Can I change my Upline?
No, this is a one-time process, which cannot be undone.
How do I can contact support?
Get in touch with our Support, via E-Mail at [email protected]

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