Local Representative

Senior Web Developer with more than 15 years of experience in application development, network security and project management. Crypto trader and investor for 3 years and have been participating in other decentralized projects like: Presearch (PRE), Xtra (XTR), Access Network (ACX), ShopiBlock (SHB), FlipNpik, Energy Premier (EPC) and GameStar (GST).

  • abelvf

  • USA

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Kampala city currently has started embracing this kind of business and more so the ones with nice paying plans like yours.

  • jokoth

  • Uganda

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I am a full-time networker who has worked on many platforms in and out of South Africa.I have a team of strong hardworking members who like to make money.I am a leader and a presenter by nature.

  • zakhele

  • South Africa

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Representative of USA/California

  • aomega88

  • USA

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currently working as a council member of a blockchain project. I manage their Telegram, investfeed, reddit and oversee their bitcointalk channels

  • onasnuga

  • USA

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  • eusebiopanillo45

  • Philippines

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Representative of Johannesburg

  • gordon

  • South Africa

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Representative of Togo

  • edemmlm

  • Togo

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Representative of Puerto Rico

  • jorge87

  • Puerto Rico

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My name is Monica and I am a Freelance artist, and Internet Marketer.

  • DestiniesDream

  • USA

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I manage here at Cryptolux as their Telegram Community Admin, run various Crowd Groups & am also apart of the CLX Support team.

  • spikeyspikester

  • Australia

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Representative of Brazil

  • deluxe

  • Brazil

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Representative of USA

  • asalazar37

  • USA

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At LitBitCOINS we review blockchain technology news and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether to educate the world and to grow the crypto community with video!

  • LitBitCOINS

  • USA

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Am a full time entrepreneur, program developer .Multinational speaker ,am the founder of Global Entrepreneurship City Network,an organization with over a million member on its network.Am a trainer using new innovation for project execution .

  • fadelgoal2

  • Nigeria

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63 y.o. civil engineer, I have working on computers for more than forty years. And government comunications and security projects for the last 30 years.

  • jfranchino

  • Argentina

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Representative of Denmark

  • profitsinvest

  • Denmark

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Representative of India

  • mounarajan

  • India

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Representative of Romania

  • EvaZemlya

  • USA

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Representative of Africa

  • jemmynovel

  • USA

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Representative of Morocco

  • hdmedox

  • USA

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Representative of Vietnam

  • freundvn

  • USA

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Representative of Thailand

  • kriwichet

  • USA

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Representative of Zambia

  • Ezsu16

  • USA

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Representative of Italy

  • luigi

  • USA

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